Luxury Girlfriend

Brunch/Lunch + 1 Private Hour       


Dinner + 2 Private Hours


Luxury Date


Let's get really acquainted, this is the perfect option to do so! We can have massages, go shopping, to sports events, or hit the casinos. I enjoy keeping my circle small and engaging in pleasurable intimate moments between like-minded spirits.  I love a man who can plan a stimulating encounter... 


6 Hours [2 Private Hours Included]




For lovers who I enjoy for multiple entanglements, please enjoy +100 off each of our repeat dates.

Screening & Reservation

Screening is necessary for all new gentlemen as it establishes mutual safety and comfort.

All information is promptly discarded after verification. 


Please keep in mind I am selective with who I spend my time, I love to meet with men that stimulate me intellectually, as well as in other ways.

For dates 4 Hours or more I do require an excursion, which is the perfect opportunity for us to explore each other and create unforgettable moments.

To confirm our date a deposit of 20% is required. This allows me to acquire a location (If necessary) and/or prepare for our date! 

Read the little details.


With that being said any explicit conversations via email or text will end our correspondence, lets keep the pillow talk in the sheets. ♡

Chloe Lazuli

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